The guardianship process

Attorney Julie A. Evans has more than 30 years of experience in this area of the law. She can provide you with sound advice and professional assistance with crucial decisions about:

  • whether you need to initiate a guardianship for your loved one
  • what is involved in the legal proceeding
  • what evidence you will need to provide for the judge at the hearing
  • what legal rights the “ward” (the person who needs a guardianship) has during the guardianship proceedings
  • what your duties will be if you are appointed as Guardian of an incapacitated adult

The possibility of a Conservatorship
Sometimes a legal proceeding called a conservatorship is appropriate for an adult who still has the requisite mental capacity to consent to such an arrangement.  Ms. Evans will gladly visit with you to see if a conservatorship might be an option for your situation.

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